Web Design Trends of 2019

There are years of web design breakthroughs and technological revolutions. 2019 was not one of them. It was rather a year of working with the information that has been accumulated earlier. Virtual and augmented reality became more popular and understandable for the mass market as well as for a wider range of people. As for the end of 2019, digital campaigns as a way of communicating with customers are a common practice. What will happen in 2020 - time will tell! Let’s consider the most popular web design trends of this year.

  • VR + AR

Until recently, nobody believed in the development of VR - virtual reality. Now the situation has changed. As a rule, games are a platform for the developers to monitor all the bugs and flaws. This is done to make virtual reality more accessible and applicable in other areas. For example, you can use the camera to take photos and then dive into the world of augmented reality.

With the VR glasses, you can already flip through the pages of the sites, view the portfolio, go to the contact page, make a call, or send messages. In VR showrooms you can look at furniture, choose the color, and consider the design. High rates of AR - augmented reality - are causing the growth of VR too. And their combination gives Mixed reality - mixed reality. That is the future we already have now.

IKEA has recently made an application that allows you to "try on" furniture in your apartment or office. The peculiarity and difference of such applications are that it not only scans the space but measures its area, the distance between objects and creates the right perspective. Depending on this, you can take any chair, put it in your space, fix it, zoom in, examine the texture as if it is really in the room and you look at it through the lens of the phone. This is innovation.

  • Artificial Intelligence

Thankfully to Google whose developers are constantly conducting experiments with artificial intelligence. It is now used to examine the behavior of users on the Internet. This way, online stores offer you only the products you need. What is "not yours" is no even being shown on your catalog and you do not at all learn about its existence.

  • Typography

Typography has always been important and necessary. This year, it has been increasingly becoming a graphic element. Typography as a pattern, mood, possibility of expression is widely popular and trendy. You can build the whole based on typography. For example, there is a keyword around which everything else is built. The main thing is to understand what the word should be so that the user focuses on it.

  • Gradients

Thanks to Apple, namely the iPhone X, the gradient has become another trend. It used to be bright colors, monotony, black and white. Now the absolute trend is when the gradient begins to blur.

  • Illustration

Illustrators, it's your start time! Your works will be even more required on the Internet. Photography is so accessible today that it's hard to find or do something unique to be remembered by the users in general.

Unfortunately, the age of animated sites is coming to an end. Everything becomes simpler and minimalistic. Illustrated content will now capture and express the emotions we previously received from beautiful animated sites.

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