Advantages of the Linux Operating System

Surely everyone has heard of Linux, you may have even used it because an Android smartphone is the same Linux. In this article, we will consider the main benefits of using a Linux-based operating system.

1. It is free 

All Linux-based operating systems are completely free (although there are separate enterprise solutions). You do not need to spend money to use a licensed operating system. All you need is a USB stick, internet access and a little bit of knowledge on how to install Linux.

2. Great variety of software

A huge number of freeware applications. Sounds interesting? The basic principle of Linux is that all software should be free. The program is like a recipe for cooking. When you come up with a new recipe, share it with friends and acquaintances. They, in turn, can improve it and change it in their way. The same with programs - they should be freely distributed without any restrictions - is the basic idea of free software. 

3. More security

A huge advantage of Linux is system security. For example, to install the program you need to enter a password which will prevent you from downloading a malware accidentally. All software is thoroughly tested for malware before being added to the repository. The reliability of the software package is tested by the operating system developers themselves, and since the software is open source, any user can find the error and report it.

4. Low system requirements

It is unlikely that you will find a copy of Microsoft's current operating system, which will run on a device with 526 MB of RAM. But when it comes to Linux, you surely can. If you have an old or weak computer that will not work with Windows 10 on it, you can install a special Linux distribution (such as ubuntu) and enjoy a modern operating system. 

5. Flexibility in customization

Have you ever wanted to change the folder or application icons? What about a sign-in screensaver, system boot or taskbar? Or you want to replace the standard desktop environment? Microsoft's operating system requires additional programs or patches to be installed that cripple the system and cause malfunctions.

In Linux distributions, there are all conditions for you to change anything from screen saver to system tray icons. And in general, everything you can imagine. The Linux system can be made unique, which is not the case with Windows.

6. Stability

Windows often have various problems and crashes. Windows users are not even surprised when they hear it is time to reinstall the OS because "it hasn’t been done for 2 years." 

In Linux, however, nothing crashes unless you interfere with the normal work of the operating system yourself. System stability does not affect the general performance of Linux. That's why these systems are installed on 85% of servers and 92% of supercomputers.


Every year, there are more and more reasons to switch from Windows to Linux. And it should not be identified as "hacker only" anymore. Of course, it is difficult to step into the unknown, but believe us after a few months of using it you will get accustomed and cope with all tasks. You will not even recall the moments of using another operating system later when you finally fall in love with Linux. The only case when it is not for you is if you use your computer as a game console.

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