5 Web Design Trends to watch out for in 2018

The creative world of web design is always changing for the better with new tools, functionalities, and workflows emerging to take center stage. Last year saw some promising web design tools such as chatbots, web animations and conversational interfaces come into play. As we ring in 2018, it’s time to start thinking about the web design trends that are bound to be strong front-runners to dominate this year’s web design space. Here are the popular web design trends we’ve compiled for 2018.

1.Rich Vibrant Colors

Color is one of the most stimulating tools in a web designer’s toolkit. Color helps set the tone of the website and attract every visitor’s attention. With web designers getting more experimental, 2018 will surely witness richer, sharper, bolder and more vibrant colors taking the limelight. This is strongly supported with latest technological advancements that have enabled device screens to reproduce ultra-high definition and 4K resolutions. F3.Spaceis a great example of a website designed with a rich and vibrant color palette.

2.More Animation

Since time immemorial, animation has been a web design trend every year as it constantly looks to make itself better and more intuitive. Pegged to be a brand’s strength in the digital world, animation helps convey more information in a way that is attractive and easily ingestible in a matter of seconds. Animation improves website design as it adds character to a brand and contributes invaluably to storytelling – precisely why animation will be adopted by several older brands to create a more striking online presence.

3. Custom Illustrations

2017 saw numerous websites using illustrations and this trend is only set to become more prominent. Illustrations are a brilliant way to add flare and breathe life into plain jane websites usually characterized with dry content. Furthermore, they don’t hamper the functionality and, instead, serve as an effective avenue for presenting information. Brands can use custom illustrations as a strong design element to spruce up their website and therefore, they make for an interesting web design element to lookout for in 2018.    

4.Animated CSS

2018 will witness CSS animations take over the ‘party piece’ throne from video. As super engaging as it is, video takes up too many resources and doesn’t offer the same visual experience on every device. This means that the primary message of the video often gets missed. On the other hand, animated CSS is dynamic and can be customized for every device type. This makes CSS animations an efficient tool that will surely take charge in 2018.

5.  Bold Typography

For any website, typography is a very strong visual tool to grab eyeballs, evoke emotion and impart information in an engaging fashion. With web designers shying away from web-safe vogues, 2018 is slated to be the year of custom font selection and bold typography trends. Experts suggest that web designers will make smarter choices in choosing typefaces and serif and sans serif fonts will make a comeback this year.

For more resources on web design, check out the design section on our ResellerClub blog. So, dive into design trends for this year and make your website a path-breaking piece of art with a harmonious blend of form, function and flare. On that note, have you checked out the global web design competition

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