Asian Animation, VFX & Games Industry

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Asian Animation & VFX Industry

The total value of Asian animation & VFX industry was US$ 52 billion

Most of the segments in the Asian animation industry are growing at the rate of 2-3% YoY

The production cost per animation movie in Asia ranges anywhere between US$ 3 Million to US$ 60 Million

In Asia, the spend on special effects as a percent of production cost is about 5-10%

In Asian, there is a sharp increase in streaming video consumption. The size of streaming market for animation content globally was US$ 2.4 Billion in 2017 and is growing at an annual rate of 8%

Production work is becoming global with tax incentives, regional low labor costs and lower computing costs, which put pressure on companies to reduce costs and set up facilities in tax advantaged or low-cost regions

Cloud computing is playing a key role in character rendering and modeling processes as cloud based rendering of animation films is more effective and efficient as it reduces the time and cost compared to traditional rendering

Asian Video Games Industry

The size of Asian video gaming industry was US$ 43 billion in 2017

Gaming companies are focusing on Augmented eality (AR) and Virtual Reality (VR) enabled games

Cloud Gaming services would need the right pricing model to both drive adoption and generate sufficient returns for platforms and publishers

The availability of low cost micro-payment systems is allowing users to pay for access or download of small quantities of digital content and is the key online games market to grow

Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learningbased techniques can be used for in-game analytics, ustomer acquisition, retention, cross sell, churn, classify player behavior, etc.

The traditional revenue models of video games industry is hanging and firms are exploiting competing that they are using alone or in combination

In the games industry, both the digital and physical distribution channels exist side by side with the share of physical distribution channels expected to shrink in the future

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