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“According to a research, it takes around only two minutes to compromise an IoT device.”Which antivirus should users opt for? Whom should you trust? Are all antivirus software safe to use? An answer to these questions is simple, there’re a number of things to consider when choosing an antivirus software. The considerations include malware detection mechanism, defense against worms and Trojans, detection techniques, and most importantly how it affects your PC or mobile’s performance.

For our editorial guide, we conducted an in-depth research and went through factual reports and users’ reviews about the most reliable antivirus software till date. After completing our research and individual testing,we have come up with the following most reliable, worthy and best antivirus software in 2018 to achieve an unbeatable antivirus protection.

Why Do You Need Antivirus On PC, Laptop Or Mobile?

As a matter of fact, every operating system pose individual loopholes and threats that hackers could use as freeways to exploit users’ data. Until now, cyber criminals had been focusing on releasing individual apps and tools to target users and organizations. However, trend has changed over time and with an emergence of mobile devices and IoTs, a fresh breed of cybercriminals has come into the bigger picture, targeting users through emails, newsletters, and promotional messages.

The hacking landscape has transformed dramatically in the 2016, with a large number of cyber criminals showing engagement in political and public activities. Highlighting the Presidential Elections of the United States, conflicts in Ukraine, and the Olympics, all were affected by hacking campaigns. As a result, a wave of distrust has been created, influencing mindset of the public.

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